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EverCars company - instant and reliable car rental

Today car rental in Lviv is a popular and popular service. After all, every day this city is visited by thousands of tourists not only from Ukraine but also from neighboring countries. Lviv is a big city where business meetings take place, serious agreements are made and business is successfully developed. Therefore, business trips in this direction are also commonplace. And the people of Lviv themselves often use car rental services or order transfers around Lviv to use their time rationally. The reasons to rent a car can be varied:
  • absence of your vehicle or serious malfunctions in your own car;
  • the need for a car of larger or smaller size;
  • the desire to try and drive the car of your dreams - before buying a vehicle of the appropriate make and model;
  • business trip, travel, business or car to save time and effort.
All these reasons will be reduced to one action - booking a car on the website of EverCars.

The procedure and features of car rental

The first thing you need to know is the availability of a catalog of a huge fleet of cars on the company's website. So, what is the procedure for booking the "car rental in Lviv" service?
  1. Determine for what purpose you rent a car and for how long.
  2. Browse the car fleet and choose the right model, make and class of car.
  3. Find out all the necessary information to order this service:
    • what documents are required (passport and driver's license);
    • how long the registration procedure lasts (not more than 15 minutes);
    • what equipment of the car and additional options;
    • what form of payment is right for you (cash, plastic card or bank account);
    • availability of favorable tariffs and discount systems for you;
    • what is included and what is not included in the tariff;
    • cars with or without a driver (both options are possible);
    • for how long you can rent a car in Lviv;
    • what transfers the company provides, etc.
  4. Book a car for rent and pay for the service. When everyone finds out what you are interested in, book your chosen car. We will contact you as soon as possible and let you know if you have the car you need. If the car is already in use, then you are either looking for another option, or we offer our own.
You are complete to make a full advance payment for car rental. You can pay in the office or in a convenient place for you. The same applies to car delivery: either you pick it up from our fleet, or we deliver it to the destination.

EverCars - transparent and reliable cooperation with customers!

Everything is transparent, reliable and safe - no risks or unclear schemes. Any additional questions? Call us at +38 063 434 54 14. Customer support works around the clock and operates throughout Ukraine. Renting a car in Lviv is a significant saving of your money, effort and time. The main thing is to contact a reliable company, where you can arrange a car rental on favorable and safe terms for you. EverCars - our excellent service and your maximum comfort! [trustindex no-registration=google]