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    Transfer to the airport or train station – convenient, fast, profitable!

    You came to Lviv for the first time and can’t figure out how to get to the place you need? Or do you need to get from the airport or train station to the scheduled meeting as quickly as possible? Then take advantage of our transfers to the train station or airport. We will deliver you conveniently and safely on standard and business class cars.

    Everyone tries to distribute their time as competently and expediently as possible. But sometimes there are situations when we do not influence the circumstances. And then it seems that everything is against us, and the hands of the clock are constantly approaching the time of the planned meeting. But in any situation you need to stay calm and think rationally. Don’t have time? Just take the shuttle to the train station or airport and we will take you instantly to the address provided. After all, our experienced drivers know every street of the city and will choose the shortest and fastest way to travel.

    When should you book transfers to the airport and train station?

    There can be many reasons to book a transfer to the airport or train station.

    • We need to meet the guests urgently.
    • Take care of delivery to the meeting place of partners or colleagues.
    • Provide a convenient trip around the city of Lviv for relatives or friends.
    • Have time for an important scheduled meeting.

    All these situations can occur in the opposite direction, ie you or someone urgently needs to get to the airport or train station. Thanks to the quality services of our company you will get to the specified place without delays and delays. So professional and safe car rental in Lviv is definitely EverCars!

    And an extremely nice bonus when ordering a transfer to the station or airport in our company: a well-educated and qualified driver will patiently wait for you as long as necessary. If the flight is delayed, the waiting time is not limited.

    EverCars car rental is a first-class service and amenities

    Car rental in Lviv is:

    1. Safe travel to any address you specify.
    2. Profitable car rental for both work and leisure.
    3. Service of solemn events and memorable events in the city.
    4. Convenient transfers to the airport and train station – at any time.
    5. Ability to rent a car with or without a driver.
    6. Transparent system of cooperation and various forms of payment, etc.

    The best solution in extreme conditions, when we are late for a plane, bus or train – is an experienced driver, for whom every minute of your time – worth its weight in gold. Therefore, it is better to spend more on a transfer and have time than to get there by public transport and lose the opportunity to leave on time. And the purchased ticket (which also costs a lot) except to throw in the trash. So we made sure that you can find the right solution in any situation – for your own benefit.
    All additional information on car rental rates in Lviv and transfers can be found on the website. How to book a car you like. Low rates and favorable rental conditions – we offer the best for you!