Rental Condition

Requirements for the tenant:

  • Minimum age of 23 years.
  • Driving experience at least 2 years.

Required documents:

  • Personal passport – for citizens of Ukraine;
  • National passport – for foreign citizens;
  • Driver’s license.


  • Any form of payment: cash, bank transfer , credit cards;
  • Possible payment by card outside the office;
  • Payment is made in advance for one day of car rental;
  • The cost of car rental includes insurance and maintenance of the car, not included gasoline, payment of parking and fines.

Pledge / deposit

  • The pledge is made by the lessee at the time of signing the contract;
  • The amount of collateral depends on the brand of the rented car;
  • The return of the collateral takes place at the moment of transfer of the car to the lessor under the terms of the contract;
  • The deposit is made both in cash and by blocking the deposit amount on a bank card.

Rent a car without a pledge

  • A pledge as a guarantee of damage to a vehicle is absent;
  • A pledge as ensure timely returns, vehicle cleanliness and fuel availability:
    economy class – $ 50;
    middle class and above – $ 100;
  • After expiration of the rental period, these funds are returned to the client, if the conditions of the agreement are fulfilled;
  • The service does not apply to the premium car.

Additional terms:

  • Minimum rental car term obilya – 1 day (24 hours), the issuing vehicle;
  • Additional drivers are issued free of charge with the relevant documents
  • issued clean car with a full tank and equipped with all necessary. The lessee is obliged to transfer the car in the same form and with the same amount of fuel.


  • Daily mileage limit – 300 km;
  • In the event of a overmileage, each kilometer is paid additionally in accordance with the company’s rates;
  • The tenant can order the “Unlimited Mileage” service, the cost of the service in accordance with the company’s tariffs.