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Tesla S P85

or Similar Electric car
Electric Automat 5 seats 85kW
Days 30+ 8+ 3-7 1-2
Price 70$ 100$ 150$ 195$
Deposit 1200$
Tesla S P85

Tesla Model S Rental in Lviv: Green Technology and Comfort with Evercars

The growing popularity of green energy and a sustained interest in innovative technologies make electric vehicles increasingly attractive for travel. Renting a Tesla Model S in Lviv from Evercars allows you to immerse yourself in the world of modern technology and enjoy comfort without unnecessary emissions.

Where to Rent a Tesla Model S in Lviv?

Evercars offers the opportunity to rent an exclusive electric car, the Tesla Model S, right in Lviv. This innovative model is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and provides an unparalleled driving experience, where every kilometer is covered without emissions into the atmosphere.

What Documents Are Required for Tesla Rental in Lviv?

To rent a Tesla Model S in Lviv from Evercars, you will need:
  1. Driver's License: Your driver's license must be valid and meet all requirements.
  2. Passport of a Ukrainian Citizen: A document confirming your identity.
  3. Credit or Debit Card: To ensure payment and a deposit.

Advantages of Car Rental in Lviv at Evercars

  1. Environmental Friendliness: The Tesla Model S is a fully electric car that allows you to enjoy your journey without negatively impacting the environment.
  2. Innovative Technologies: The Tesla Model S is equipped with advanced technologies such as autopilot and a large touchscreen, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.
  3. Speed and Dynamics: The Tesla Model S is known for its power and impressive dynamics, providing you with unforgettable driving experiences.
  4. Charging Convenience: Evercars provides the car with a charging station, making charging easy and convenient.
  5. Exclusivity: The Tesla Model S symbolizes status and exclusivity, adding a touch of luxury to your journey.
Renting a Tesla Model S in Lviv from Evercars is an opportunity to enjoy modernity and innovation without disturbing nature. Treat yourself to an unparalleled driving experience with an electric Tesla and explore new horizons of travel without harming the environment.

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