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Renault Duster

or Similar SUVS
Diesel Manual 5 seats 1.5
Days 30+ 8+ 3-7 1-2
Price 45$ 50$ 55$ 60$
Deposit 600$
Renault Duster

Welcome to Evercars - your best choice for renting a car in Lviv! We offer a wide range of cars, including the popular model - Renault Duster. Our team takes pride in providing you with high-quality service and ensuring you have a comfortable and memorable journey.

Why is car rental in Lviv advantageous?

  1. Convenient transportation: Renault Duster is a modern and reliable car that will provide you with comfortable transportation in Lviv and beyond.
  2. Cost savings: By renting a car in Lviv, you save on your own car, maintenance, and parking costs.
  3. Flexible choices: You can choose the rental period that suits you - from a single day to an extended trip.

Car rental rules in Lviv:

  1. Driver's license and documents: To rent a car, you need to have a valid driver's license and an identification document.
  2. Deposit: To secure the rental, a deposit is required, which will be returned to you upon the car's return.
  3. Age restrictions: Drivers under 21 years of age or over 70 may be subject to additional restrictions.
  4. Traffic rules: Observe all traffic rules in Lviv and Ukraine to avoid fines.
  5. Child seats: For child safety, we provide child seats upon request.

Let your journey in Lviv with Renault Duster be unforgettable and safe!

Advantages of car rental at Evercars:

  1. Wide selection of cars: We have various car models, including the popular Renault Duster, known for its reliability and comfort.
  2. Flexible rental terms: Choose the term that suits you, from a few days to long trips.
  3. Attractive prices: We offer competitive prices for car rentals, allowing you to save your funds.
  4. Quality service: We care about our customers and are always ready to provide you with high-quality service.

Now it's time to take a closer look at the Renault Duster. This compact crossover is the perfect choice for trips around Lviv and its surrounding areas. Thanks to the spacious trunk, you can easily transport luggage or local market purchases. Additionally, the car's comfortable interior makes even long-distance travel enjoyable. Order a Renault Duster from Evercars and enjoy your trip without limitations.


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