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Nissan X Trail

or Similar SUVS
Gasoline Automat 5 seats 2.5
Days 30+ 8+ 3-7 1-2
Price 55$ 60$ 65$ 75$
Deposit 800$
Nissan X Trail

Evercars.com.ua - your guide to the world of automotive opportunities in Lviv. With our new alternative - Nissan X Trail, you are ready for adventures and opening up new horizons. This model combines stylish design and impressive power, making every journey a big impression. Whether you're heading out of town or visiting scenic spots, Nissan X Trail is your reliable companion, ready to lead you on the path to new experiences and possibilities. Choose the X Trail and make your travels unique.

Why Rent a Car in Lviv?

  1. Freedom and Flexibility: Car rental in Lviv gives you absolute freedom of movement. You're not limited by public transport or tour schedules. You choose the route and schedule.
  2. Convenience and Comfort: Nissan X Trail is a modern crossover with a spacious interior, providing enough room for passengers and luggage to make your journey comfortable.
  3. Cost Savings: Car rental can be a more cost-effective alternative to taxis or group tours, especially if you're traveling with friends or family.
  4. Exploring New Places: Lviv and its surroundings have many natural and historical landmarks worth visiting. With Nissan X Trail, you can reach even the most remote places.

What to Know About Car Rental in Lviv?

When renting a car in Lviv, remember some important points:

  • Minimum driver age for renting - 21 years.
  • Minimum driver experience - 2 years.
  • Cars are provided for rent with a full tank of fuel and insurance coverage.
  • You must follow all traffic rules and pay fines if they occur during your journey.
  • You should have your driver's license and passport with you.

Why Choose Evercars for Car Rental?

  1. Flexible Conditions: At Evercars, we offer flexible rental conditions that cater to your needs. You can rent a Nissan X Trail for hours, days, or even weeks - choose what suits you best.
  2. Clean and Well-Maintained Cars: We carefully maintain our cars. Each car undergoes regular technical inspections and maintenance to ensure its reliability.
  3. Wide Car Selection: We have a wide range of cars, including the popular Nissan X Trail, which is ideal for traveling around Lviv and its surroundings.
  4. Simple Booking Process: Booking a car from Evercars is fast and easy. You can reserve a car online or get in touch with our team.
  5. Customer-Centric Service: We're always ready to answer your questions and provide the necessary information to make your rental as convenient as possible.

The advantages of renting a car from Evercars are not limited to the factors mentioned above. Our company constantly monitors promotions and special offers to make your trip even more cost-effective. For example, we often offer discounts for long-term rentals, allowing you to save more money for entertainment during your trip. We can also offer additional services such as navigation or child car seats to make your journey much more comfortable.

Evercars is not just a car rental service; it's an opportunity to make your journey unforgettable and safe. Choose the Nissan X Trail with us and discover Lviv in all its beauty.


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